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We help
front-line medical professionals save lives in

About us

Leleka Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded in December 2014 when several Ukrainians living in the United States joined their efforts with several volunteer initiatives in Ukraine to procure and distribute medical and first-aid supplies to paramedics, emergency crews, and hospitals in the wake of the 2014 Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Since then, we have gained a unique expertise in tactical combat care and emergency trauma supplies, allowing us to know precisely what front-line medical professionals need to save precious lives. Since Russia's all-out war against Ukraine started in 2022, we have been focused on the urgent delivery of critical medical supplies to Ukraine’s defenders and civilians. For this purpose, we have established efficient supply and logistics routes to deliver medical supplies to Ukraine and distribute them as humanitarian aid to end users on the front lines.  Since 2023, Leleka Foundation closely collaborates with a Ukraine-based charitable organization “Charitable Foundation Leleka-Ukraine” in carrying out its charitable initiatives. We strive to keep administrative overhead to a minimum, so your donations will go towards saving lives in Ukraine. Ukrainian word ‘LELEKA‘ translates as ‘stork’ into English. In Ukrainian culture, the stork symbolizes peace, happiness, home and family.

Our activities are focused on first aid, evacuation, and definitive care of war casualties in Ukraine. As Ukraine bravely fights Russia’s brutal unprovoked invasion, our team around the world works tirelessly to help save as many lives in Ukraine as possible. Since 24 February 2022, we have raised and deployed over $7.5 million in donations from individuals, businesses, and non-profits all over the world.

Our focus is

Saving lives of Ukraine’s defenders and wounded civilians

Since February 24, 2022, we have distributed to front-line medical professionals:


Top quality 



Fully equipped medical backpacks


Medical evacuation vehicles


Flexible stretchers


Anti-drone electronic warfare devices

Immediate urgent causes

Fully equipped medic backpacks

Properly equipped medic backpack is key for field medics to provide immediate care to war casualties. A single kit is designed to treat up to 20 people with up to 10 wound combinations.

We supply 75 medic backpacks a week on average, every week, with new requests constantly flowing.


#HeatUpHope: Emergency self-heating blankets

Emergency self-heating blankets can heat up to 40°C and maintain the heat for up to 8 hours.

In winter, these blankets are wrapped around the wounded person waiting for evacuation and transfer to a hospital, helping fight hypothermia and providing heat much needed for the body to prevent excessive bleeding and reduce overall stress.

Cases of wounded people with normal body temperatures are twice less lethal than those with similar injuries and hypothermia.

#CarryOurHeroes: Flexible plastic evacuation litters

Rapid casualty evacuation is crucial for survival. 

However, in combat conditions, field medics lack time and resources for traditional four-man evacuation. 

We procure high quality tactical plastic litters/stretchers to enable quick and safe one-man evacuation through the most difficult terrains and conditions.

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Top-quality combat tourniquets

With severe hemorrhage being a number one cause of deaths in the battlefield, tourniquet becomes one of the most important combat first aid devices.


We strive to provide front-line medics with proven original combat tourniquets - TCCC-approved CAT, SAM XT, TMT, SOFT-T and Ukrainian Sich to help them save as many lives as possible. 

Medical evacuation vehicles

Swift medical evacuation is key to survival of the wounded soldiers. Still, a regular ambulance is not able to support evacuation from remote locations because of road conditions and heavy fighting.

Within our medevac project, we purchase ambulances and off-road vehicles in Europe, refurbish and equip them to combat medical evacuation needs, and transfer to the units located in the toughest spots in Eastern and Southern Ukraine.



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Donation receipts for 2023. If you donated by check, bank transfer or Zelle, we may not have your email address to provide the donation receipt. Please email us at to obtain your receipt. Include the method of donation, date and amount in your request.

Leleka Foundation

380 Hamilton Ave #291

Palo Alto, CA 94302

United States

+1 202 929-1975

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