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Electricity Generators for Hospitals and Clinics

In partnership with the Yellow Blue Force Foundation, we are raising funds to supply electrical power generators to local hospitals in Ukrainian cities.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the russians have been targeting the Ukrainian power grid. This has resulted in intermittent power outages. Recently, the attacks have intensified, as the aggressors have embarked on an explicit strategy of freezing the Ukrainian population to death over winter.  Ukraine’s power generation capacity is being systematically destroyed. 


The goal of this project is to provide autonomous power generation capacity to local hospitals and clinics. These are the healthcare institutions that most Ukrainian civilians depend on for their healthcare, including outpatient facilities, urgent and emergency care. Currently, more than 1,000 healthcare facilities all over Ukraine need power generators of various capacities. We concentrate our efforts on the most heavily affected regions, often closer to the combat zones, or recently liberated areas. On average, each facility provides healthcare to 3-10K residents from local communities. For each hospital we serve, we provide a diesel generator capable of 15-35kW output. We acquire these generators at competitive prices in Ukraine or Europe and our partners work with local service providers to deliver, install, connect, maintain the generators, and train the hospital staff how to operate the equipment.


Our collaboration with Yellowblue Force Foundation kick-started with a generous corporate donation of $50,000, but much more is needed to cover the needs of the entire country. 


Up until now Yellowblue Force Foundation sourced and supplied 17 power generators to hospitals and other healthcare facilities in Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Chuguiv, Sumy, Kryvyi Rih, Kyiv, Dnipro etc.


There is a burning need in power generators for the recently de-occupied Kherson region, where dozens of hospitals remain disconnected from the power grid.

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