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In partnerships with the UCMOC and The Institute for Emergency Medicine we are providing critical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals.

Ukrainian hospitals are flooded with wounded , we urgently need to provide essential items for basic emergency treatment. Please help us purchase X-Ray machines, orthopedic and surgical consumables. 100% of your donation goes to Ukrainian hospitals!

For US taxpayers, your donation to Leleka Foundation may be tax-deductible. There are several ways to donate:

  • By Debit/Credit card or via PayPal

  • By wire or ACH transfer (USA only): Leleka Foundation, Account # 9801680938, Routing # 084106768 (Evolve Bank & Trust), please include ‘For IME’. ACH is preferred for larger donations due to much lower fees than PayPal.

  • By SWIFT / IBAN transfer: From outside the USA, we can also accept donations in EUR, GBP, or CAD. Please email at to request our bank details.

  • Via employer charity matching: If your employer provides matching opportunities for your charitable contributions, please consider choosing Leleka Foundation, our tax ID is 47-2377309.

Portable X-Ray Machines

  • FujiFilm x-air is a light and portable model, allowing the surgical units to be moved in a short time

  • They will be used by military surgeons working at the front

  • IME analyzed available models in terms of its suitability for performing surgical interventions in an outpatient setting

  • Price for each: $63,000

  • Units needed: at least 3

External Fixators

  • External fixators are a universal and inexpensive element in the treatment of long bone fractures

  • Number of wounded increases every day. Hospitals in Ukraine needs to treat injuries with easy to adapt surgical procedures.

  • They are particularly useful in the treatment of open fractures. They allow for joining bone fragments without interfering with the fracture site.

  • Price per set: $9,000

  • Sets needed: at least 50

Surgical Consumables

  • Each time a surgery is performed, the use of medical supplies is required. The number of life-saving operations increases with the increasing number of the injured

  • Surgical consumables will be delivered to hospitals with operating theatres.

  • IME designed a universal kit that includes surgical materials adequate to perform surgery.

  • Price per set for 1000 surgeries: $45,000

  • Sets needed: As many as possible. Unfortunately, the need keeps growing every single day.

Who we are

The Institute for Emergency Medicine is a highly respected Polish institution established in 1998 with the mission to promote education on emergency medicine, first aid, and organization of the system of emergency medicine, and to standardize emergency medical procedures. Since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Institute has been aiding the citizens of the invaded country. We have delivered essential medical supplies to hospitals in the region of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odesa, and Lviv, as well as equipment for rescue teams working in the war-torn territory.

Leleka Foundation is a US-based charity, registered with IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We have been helping Ukraine much needed tactical medical supplies since 2014. Since Feb 2022, we scaled up our programs to support Ukrainian hospitals and emergency medical teams treating war casualties, both soldiers and civilians.


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