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The Youth that Does Not Give Up

To protect Ukraine from the brutal invader many young men and women had to go to the frontline and learn new skills in the field. Learning fast how to fight and how to save lives becomes a key skill on the way to victory.

The story of a young military medic who is 27 now, started back in 2014. During the first several years he served as a grenade launcher operator. While serving he realized there is more to be done and decided to take a tactical medicine course. More courses followed, and soon after – opportunities to apply the new skills in practice. Back then in the Donetsk region casualties of war were suffering from lots of injuries. The newly made medic, aka Tomat, assisted in amputation surgeries, treated pneumatorexes and neck injuries.

After some time he was transferred to another unit and concentrated mainly on deployed medicine. He enhanced his skills with more and more practice and several additional medical courses. But the war hardly spares anyone and in 2018 Tomat was also injured and transitioned to the  civil service.

Four years later in winter 2022 he returned to the field, where medics are life-savers and moral supporters to every combatant. But there is something that can help medics as well. He remembers how important it is for medics to have their medical supplies available in order to be ready to offer the best possible care to the wounded at all stages.

Here is a story from Tomat’s experience that he shares with us. “It was in a gray zone. Soldiers were retreating under fire. One of the combatants in the adjacent unit was left heavily wounded in the field. When we came for him he was already slipping in and out of conscience. His leg was blown off. Badly applied tourniquet led to  blood loss. When coming to senses he pleaded to save him for the sake of his two kids. I positioned a new tourniquet and thanks to the medical backpack, I was able to install a catheter, performed some infusions and injections to restart his pulse. We managed to transport him to the hospital, where he was provided further treatment. In the end, life was saved. Unfortunately, his leg was amputated, but he remained alive and wrote later thanking me for saving his life”.

Today, we assist military medics like Tomat by supplying them with the state-of-the-art medical equipment and products that help prevent death in combat. We provide quality medical equipment to professionals, who help soldiers to return home alive and save lives of civilians living near the frontlines.


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