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These are very special, limited edition socks made for Kyiv's defenders at the start of the russian invasion. By buying them you are helping Leleka Foundation provide medical supplies to Ukrainian soldiers.


Why so expensive? The price of $22.50 per sock is roughly equal to the wholesale price of a tourniquet, a key part of a tactical first-aid kit, and a vital life-saving device. Each soldier should carry at least two tourniquets, to treat themselves and their comrades. This is why in Ukrainian we call them турніпетки and in English - tournisox.


The socks were donated to us and 100% of sale proceeds after taxes, fees, and shipping, go to support Leleka Foundation's work of providing medical supplies to Ukraine.


SKU: socks-2022-001
  • Fabric: cotton 80%, polyamide 15%, elastane 5%

    Size: one size, the socks stretch and fit men's EU 38-42, US 7.5-11.5 (conversion chart)

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